Welcome to Tyras!

Tyras originally started as an old school server and gained immense popularity and support over the course of its four months of existence. However, I found that after a certain point, there was a lack of possibilities and despite its popularity, I made the decision to move the server to a 667 revision. Evidently, there was a fairly uneasy atmosphere at first, however, after nearly a month of being active, it’s fair to say that our entire community has grown to love the server and realise the endless possibilities. Our level of commitment and tireless dedication to releasing updates has been no short of amazing in terms of the new features and items we've created for players and finally, I feel as though the server is ready to be released to the community.

What we offer

  • Frequent updates from a dedicated and passionate team of experienced Java developers.
  • 24/7 support from a team of staff who have been carefully picked from some of our oldest and most dedicated members.
  • Perhaps a little off topic but as the owner, I really do enjoy playing and you’ll find me in-game most of the time. A little obscure, but the community really loves being able to talk to me and pick my brains.


  • Great experience rates.
  • Masses of bosses with great drops.
  • Custom bosses including Kalphite King and Donator Boss.
  • All skills working including Dungeoneering and Summoning.
  • All familiars from summoning work and have special attacks with scrolls.
  • Mini-games including Castlewars and Clanwars.
  • Custom items.
  • Active PvP.
  • Gambling including flower games and dicing.
  • Well balanced economy.
  • Unlimited banking space.
  • Max capes for each skill and a max cape for reaching 99 in all skills.
  • Skill prestige with individual shops (per level) with exclusive rewards.
  • Leaderboards for the most kills in-game.

Ease of Use

  • Auto-Voting.
  • Auto-Donating.
  • A Discord server where players can communicate out of the game and really get a sense of the community, as well as receive real-time support.

Coming soon/ to-do list

  • Forums will look sweet and have many more features soon.
  • Nex will be added soon.
  • Highscores coming soon.

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